Agave Storm

Custom web-applications

Utilities, web services, and other tools that make easier the life of a common internet user. We are pleased to realize any of your ideas. If you provide services that require close interaction with the user part of such tasks can thus be simplified.

Enterprise web-applications

Automation of business processes, integration of different applications

Corporate websites

Combining the first two points with representative functions. Corporate website, usually embodies a set of specific business objectives, competitive advantages. By automating customer interactions, you can reduce the burden on the staff, make your services more accessible and reduce costs. In most cases this requires an individual approach. When you offer something different, better, you need a tool capable to adequately and exactly serve your competitive advantages.

Development of functional

We love our loyal customers so much that are willing to continually improve not only the projects commissioned to us from scratch, but previously developed by other organizations. Development of web applications – this is what we can do really well. The initial design – just a special case, the development application which does not exist yet.


Adding a simple function in your application takes a long time? Programmer, who remembered how things work, quit a year ago? You are told what you need to change everything from scratch? There is a better way – order refactoring, and we bring code to order, this operation reduce the cost of further development that you can delegate to your staff or to anyone.

IT consulting

Got a problem? No time for investigations? Our experts will be proud to share their experience with you.

Icon Design

Icons can make your web site or desktop application much better. Icons are more informative than illustrations or text. Icons guide user straight to the point. We can design either regular vector based icon set and webfont icon set. Webfont icons are ideal for responsive design, they are lightweight, looks great on any resolution and can be customized with css rules. They are flat and monochrome themselves, but css expert can make em shine.
Be perfect!

Html 5

Valid Html5 code makes your website pages render faster.


Css3 reduce JavaScript usage, this makes your site more lightweight. As for css rules need less resources, your website will work faster on mobile devises and tablets.


Do not waste time comparing various CMS – choose any! VihvLCC based templates are loosely coupled and so migration from one engine to another become walk in the park.

Responsive Design

We do nice custom responsive design – not just basic bootstrap-based solutions. Feel free and use your imagination – there are no limits.


The most stable content management system. Easy to use, easy to upgrade, very flexible. Lots of opensource plugins and extensions. Recommended for most users.


Shares first place with WordPress. A bit more complicated. However, sometimes it’s easier to create advanced components.

Zen Cart

True opensource eCommerce engine.