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Why linear gradient make things look like cylinder?

As you know, simplest linear gradient will make things look like cylinders. Why this happen?



Matte surface reflects the light in all directions, but the brightness depend on the angle between light direction and surface.

For point A the angle is 90° – maximum brightness.
For point B the angle is 0° – minimum brightness.
For point C the angle is 45° – half.

For the circle, angle between light and surface is proportional to the angle between DA and DS lines (D is the centre of the cylinder and S is the point on the surface). As for this angle is changing linear, brightness will change linear too, and that’s why we have an illusion of the cylinder.



Mantisman skin for The Poser

Mantisman skin for The Poser

Flat skin added to The Poser for Mantis


Behold: The Poser for Mantis

The Poser for Mantis ⇒

Here is the screenshot:


How to turn off KDE Instant Messager (aka KDE IM)

After a few HOURS or trying to find and kill -9 all the PIDs I came to this simple solution:

su root

yum erase ktp*


Btw, here is screenshoot from official FAQ (


KDE, are you kidding me? “No it wont be hard-or-impossible-to-get-rid-of, we make it hard-or-impossible-to-turn-off”
So, just uninstall and forget it.

You can use different messager, for example – Pidgin have the same functionality.


How to make website creation process better


Webcomics: How commercial websites work


How to create Internet Marketing conference using Linux command line


Here is the command

php -r “\$l=array(‘a’,'e’,'y’,'u’,'i’,'o’,'a’,'j’); while(1) { echo \$l[rand(0,7)]; if(rand(0,60)==1) { echo ‘ website ‘;}}” 2>/dev/null | espeak

you will need to install php and espeak first

Vintage mice

Meet Anna on Richmond Hill Art Sputnik 2014 event


The event time –
Sat May 24 11 AM – 7 PM
Sun May 25 11 AM – 5 PM

The location -
Richmond Green park
1300 Elgin Mills Road East
Richmond Hill, ON L4C 4X7