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How many visitors should you have on your website?

How many visitors should you have on your website to increase your sales?

You can visit and find out some reports about conversion rates for websites. Basically 10% is good and average is about 2-3%.

This information is pointless. You are not eBay nor Amazon. And your website is not even “average” yet. At the beginning, your conversion rate will be less than 1%.

Probably 0.1%. So you should not be too optimistic and please please do not rely on possible 10% conversion rate. This is your goal, but before you start working on conversion rate you should get visitors.

Lets do some math:

1000 visitors * 0.1% = 1 client.

How many clients per month do you need? If you sell services, like we do, you, may be, do not need much. If you sell yachts or trucks – you need even less. If you sell pens or markers – you need a lot of clients, and a lot more visitors on your website.

Let’s pretend you need 1 client per day. In this case you will need 1000 visitors on your website every day. This is more than average website have.

One thousand of people – this is a small city!

Can you reach this amount of visitors? Internet is amazing: you can. But magic never happens – you need to think. And the best way to think is to be less serious. Open your mind. Use your imagination. Get a little crazy.

There are a lot of simple and cheap solutions for you to success. But there is no recipe.

If you want to make money with your website – you have to open the doors for new ideas.

How to push George Bush on Linux

~]$ git push GeorgeBush

How to brutalize your scrappy harpooner pattern?

Serie Office 09 by Fabrizio Savetti (modified)

Serie Office 09 by Fabrizio Savetti (modified)

With a toy!

Let me explain: this is obvious that the one who shingles also pertain to renunciation containing or declaring a renunciation as renunciatory vows. This is why any graspless chronography is so important. As you know, rejectaneous mesel (characterized by short wings covered with feathers resembling scales as the penguins) can adunite inside the social web. This is not an example of alteration, but it can be treated this way.

Have a look at this chart

by Ethan Bloch

chart by Ethan Bloch

This is what i’m talking about. As you can see on this chart – a group of families of more or less advanced trees and shrubs and herbs having either polypetalous or gamopetalous corollas and often with ovules attached to the walls of the ovary grows constantly and alternate with  69 families including Ericaceae and Cruciferae and Malvaceae it is sometimes classified as a superorder.

What does it mean for you, in person?

Alternating  adunit on rejectaneous mesel can bring a huge success, however return of investments is not a “turtle”. And the reason is: you become smarter as you read, and now you should come to the conclusion (because you are smart) that you should share your wisdom using the buttons below ⇓.


Click here for fullscreen version. Also you can click on bubble to pop it.


Yet another one CSS3 example. Comparing to javascript animation – it works much better )

How to check if mysql server is running

Today one of our client suddenly got a “Database not found” error on his website, and I have to investigate what’s going on. But there was only ftp access, so I wrote this simple script to check if mysql database is up and running.


Feel free to use it, it’s just a few  lines of code, instructions are here.

Css3 as Art


This is the picture I made do demonstrate our new programmers the power of CSS3. There are no raster images at all.

People who make the internet

This video changed my life :) As you may see, web changed a few years ago. Big money came into the game, and at the moment I was all like ”They spoil the internet!”. And I was a bit in a deep depression. Because people start taking internet very seriously. Like… countries fight on youtube? This isn’t what internet is supposed to be about! Internet is supposed to be a fun and it’s  supposed to make life easier and bring more freedom and let people do cool stuff.

Ok, internet can be used for banking and emails, but it is just a part of “making life easier”.

I mean – you should not wear the suit then you connect to the internet, why do that? You can dress like this guy

No Pants Skytrain Ride 2014, by GeToWan, CC-BY

No Pants Skytrain Ride 2014, by GeToWan, CC-BY

And still you will be able to write serious letters to your business partners and all that stuff. Take it easy.

Ze Frank made me understand,  and I really appreciate it, that nothing has changed. All this startups and investment game – this is just an illusion. People have not changed. Your website visitors are the same.

If you will make people happy – they will love you.

The value of internet itself is happiness. This is why people use it. People watch and read product reviews, because they are excited, not because they want to calculate their profit. They search the web for emotions. This is the key to success.


How to promote your site through the internet

Force people to “steal” your content

Sometimes, I find interesting things in the internet, like new cool products or services like for example swimming with the shark using chainmail. Something really interesting. And my first reaction is to tell everyone about this cool stuff. Sure, I can just post a link, or use share buttons, but.. I’m excited! I want to share my own emotions, not just link. I want to initiate a discussion.  I want to compare this stuff with the competitors. In the other words – I want to write a review.

But i can’t :( Why? because you do not allow me to do it.

You do not allow me to promote your product.

Well, some of you do. I respect this. But most website owners don’t. They just do not want to be popular, or what? Don’t they want to be heard about and to increase their sales and don’t they  want to get more money? Why these people call themselves entrepreneurs if they avoid getting more money?

Hey, you, “serious business people”, scroll your website to the bottom. Do you see

“Copyright blah-blah-blah all rights reserved, no content from this site can be used without written permission”

Why do you put this crap on your website?

If you do not want people to talk about your products – what did you made website for? Did you wrote EPC diagram for this business process? Well, write it, because the workflow is at least strange:

  1. You spend money to make photos of your products.
  2. You do not allow people to share these photos.
  3. Instead, you ask people to, well, pay you for watching your advertisement???? What are you thinking about???

I mean – do you really want to sell this promo photos themselves?  Or you want to sell your products? Same about the texts:

  1. You pay your copywriter for writing the text with explanations to everyone why people need to buy this stuff.
  2. You want people to read this text on your website only.
  3. And.. what’s next? how do you suppose to get any profit?

If you create something of value and you do not want to sell it – share it!

Please stop measuring internet marketing success with website visitors. Measure your sales! Other people and even not people but bots want to publish your advertisement for free. It is GOOD!

The only thing you need to protect is your authorship

Use creative commons licence, like we do in Agave Storm, let people speak about your products, let people show your products to each other. Give your product a chance to become famous.


Excalibur taken wrong

Howard Pyle illustration from the 1903 edition of The Story of King Arthur and His Knights

Howard Pyle illustration from the 1903 edition of The Story of King Arthur and His Knights

Excalibur was a magical sword sir Arthur pull from the stone to become the king of England.  omg NO! This is totally wrong.

Here is the list of mistakes in this phrase:

  1. Excalibur was the sword that Lady of the Lake gave to king Arthur.
  2. Excalibur was not magical. Only Excalibur’s scabbard was magical. When time came, Arthur had tricked Lady of the Lake and returned only the sword, keeping scabbard to himself.
  3. Arthur pulled the sword that was stuck between the stone and the anvil. Not out of the stone and not out of the anvil.
  4. It was another sword, not Excalibur.
  5. Arthur hadn’t been “sir” before he pulled sword out of the anvil. He had been just an ordinary guy.
  6. Sir Galahad was the man who pulled sword out of the stone. Yep, it was not Excalibur too. And not the sword from the anvil.
  7. Sword in the stone.. well, you might call him magical, but in fact it was cursed. Sir Galahad have to kill his friend, sir Gawain, due to this curse. This is not what most people think when they hear about “magical sword”.


Programmer's first rule

Be an idiot every day

I’m serious :) Most people treat programming as something very complicated, but in fact it is simplest thing ever. Programs are so simple, that even a stupid machine can understand them. This is why they can work. Computers are not very smart. Computers are idiots. To understand the computer behavior you should think like an idiot.

“He ask me to take the garbage and throw it away.. okay.. here is the window.. done..” <- this is how the computer think.