Agave Storm

Web project checklist

photo by Wufoo Team, licensed as creativecomoons-attribution

Check your idea:

  1. Do you want to use your web service yourself? Will it make you happy?
  2. How many people do you need to start? Best answer is – 1. Good is  – 2 or 3. If you need more than 3 people to get started – try do invent something else.
  3. How much time will it take to run first version? Good answer is – a week. Acceptable answer is – within a month.
  4. Will it be viral?
  5. Will your project be loyal to humanity? People follow their instincts – and the basic one is: the population you belong to should survive no matter how. If you create an app that will steal a dollar from your neighbour, even if it will be absolutely legal according to the law – people will find the way to stop you.

Ok, you have your brilliant idea how to create cool and awesome website and become rich, here is a list of questions you need to ask yourself before you order web development:

  1. First and the most annoying: who and how will fill your website with content? You need to plan your time if you want to do it yourself or you need to hire someone.
  2. How will you measure you website success? Sure, you can count visitors, but it will be much better if you will find the way to measure profit. Money is the best ruler.
  3. What is your monthly budget? Lots of people stop investment right after they run first version: but at least you need to add some content to your website on regular base. Yes, you can involve your visitors in this process, but you should work yourself too. The easiest way is to add content (like this article), but it will be better to add new features or tools (like our background generator). If you won’t make any changes – people will be bored soon and they will stop using your website.
  4. How will you promote your website? Possible answers: “I’ll order advertisement”, “I’ll create good unique content and make people to share it”, “I’ll involve target group into communication using my web services”. Use you creativity, find you own answer.
  5. Who is your daddy client? Write down detailed description: age, profession, education, does he live in the city or in a village, and so on. Use as many detail as possible: what is his name? does he love cats? what is the color of his eyes?

How to use XSLT with Wordpress

Use VihvLCC

VihvLCC stands for Vigorous Hive’s Loosely Coupled Components.This is small, yet powerful theme framework that can be used with almost any CMS. We try it with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal – it works great!

How to replace a string in a big file under Linux

sed -e ‘s/replace me/replacement/g’ inputfile.txt > result.txt

Sometimes you need to replace all occurrences of a string in a big file. Like 500Mb database dump. Most text editors can’t work with such  big files. Instead, you can use sed console command. Sed identifies a file as a stream, so it does not require loading of  all the files into RAM. It’s a powerful tool, with lots of options, however, there is no UI.

If your replacement string contains quotes or slashes, use backslash like this:

sed -e ‘s/http:\/\/old\/url/http:\/\/new\/url/g’ inputfile.txt > result.txt

Or change the delimiter, like this:

sed -e ‘s|http://old/url|http://new/url|g’ inputfile.txt > result.txt

The purpose of modern art

The real art defines new methods of thinking and feeling.

Look at this painting by Piet Mondrian.


Lots of people react like: “Eww.. my nine years old son can make a better painting! Why didn’t he drew a horse or a house? Or a girl with big.. ahem..  eyes? Rembrandt was much better!”
Ok, here is a bit of Rembrandt, for comparison:


As you can see, Rembrandt was a real artist. Eyes and all. He was cool and awesome at his time. However, right now we have this:


Copyright Frank Kovalchek, under CC-BY 2.0 licence

This is called “Photography”. It is super realistic. So we can’t judge art using realism as criterion any more. Realism was killed by the photography years ago. Forget realism.

We can just copy the reality, so realism is pointless.

Ok, now look at this:


You can find a lot more images of this kind. Look at the magazines, look at the web design. Can you see the shadow of Piet Mondrian behind?  Now ask yourself: can your “nine years old” child make a painting which will affect the humanity so much? Can he? Are you sure?

Give him a brush right now!