Agave Storm

The Poser for Mantis

New shiny look for good old Mantis

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  1. Overall changes of mantis look
  2. Custom company logo, company name and link to main website (will open in new window)
  3. Skins
  4. 3 different styles for header – Default (big logos), Small, And Tiny (see screenshots below)
  5. Custom CSS rules

How to install

  1. Copy ThePoser folder into plugins folder
  2. Open Mantis with browser
  3. Log in as administrator
  4. Go to Manage -> Manage Plugins
  5. Find ThePoser in the list
  6. Click Install

How to configure

  1. Login as administrator
  2. Go to Manage -> Manage Plugins
  3. Find The Poser in plugin list
  4. Click on the title
  5. You will be redirected to configuration page
  6. Set up all the options and click ‘Submit query’
  7. If you want to remove logo – check ‘RemoveLogo’ field before submit


  1. ThePoser will store only one copy of your logo, if you will submit another one it will overwrite the old one
  2. Uploaded logos will be resized automatically
  3. If you do not have Image Magick installed – you can still upload logos, but resize wont work. In this case keep in mind this dimensions: full logo height should be 80px, tiny logo should be square 16×16.


Poser Default

Tiny header


Small header


Default header and overall changes



Mantisman skin for The Poser