Ok, WordPress is the best CMS on the market right now. It is opensource, there are tons of plugins, you can change default behaviour using hooks and they are moving to be more Object Oriented and in most cases you do not need to touch database manually and stuff.

But there are limitations :(

  1. Permalinks. SEF urls are acceptable, but link structure depend on data structure. This is bad for programmers, because our clients always want to change their mind at the last moment. SEF urls should be treated as public content.
  2. Security problem – wordpress (and most of it competitors) store some data in filesystem. It can be configured to be safe, theoretically. But in real life some idiot will change permissions to 777 for entire website. Sooner or later. Everything related to data should be stored in database. This is why people call it DATAbase. Yes it can be done. Even for huge files like movies.
    If you will store all the data in database – you will be able to use BENEFITS of databases. Like replications, triggers, rollbacks, and other.
  3. Sorting. Sorting is really bad in wordpress. If you have data types linked with each other, it become real pain. To be honest – it can be done, but it require too much time to implement.
  4. Search. WordPress search is really disappointing. As you know, WordPress work on top of MySql. SQL (any SQL) – it excellent search engine. SQL stands for SEARCH query language. You should not allow users to write sql requests themselves, sure. Theme developers should not write sql requests too (so old themes will keep working after changing database structure by core developers). But search should be way more flexible out of the box.
  5. User management. Let’s face it – worpress is for bloggers. Or news-makers. Nobody else can use worpress in multi user mode. So theme developer should recreate: user registration, user profile page, user login, user permissions, and so on. Why? Because registered users tasks are mixed with site maintainer tasks.

So we gonna create new CMS/CMF wich will be suitable for:

  1. Enterprise web applications.
  2. Game development.
  3. Social networks development.
  4. Regular websites as always.

If you or your company want to get involved – feel free to call me directly via skype: yoreck_o